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Satellite Testing Tutorial

Thermal environment testing

Every satellite undergoes extreme thermal cycles in the space environment routinely ranging ±100℃. Various types of thermal environment tests are necessary to confirm whether a satellite can function properly in orbit. At CENT, facilities for vacuum thermal shock, thermal vacuum and equilibrium, thermal cycle, and thermo-optical property measurement are available.

Thermal vacuum (small) Thermal vacuum (large)
Vacuum thermal shock Thermal vacuum
1×10-5Torr or lower
Verifying operation in vacuum at high temperature and low temperature
Thermal cycle Thermo-optical measurement
Thermal cycle Thermo-optical measurement
Accelerated test on repetition of
high and low temperature
Evaluation of characteristics of
thermal control material

EMC testing

It is necessary to measure the radiation pattern from the onboard antenna to confirm that the satellite can communicate with the Earth ground station. It is also necessary to carry out electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) test to confirm that the satellite can withstand the electromagnetic environment produced by itself and others.

EMC testing
Antenna pattern measurement
Electromagnetic Compatibility Testing

Vibration and shock testing

When a satellite is launched into space, it receives a great deal of shock and vibration during the blast-off. CeNT conducts the mechanical tests that verify that the satellite will survive this shock and vibration.

Shock test Vibration test
Vibration test Shock test
Max 4000G 50kg,Max15G

Outgas measurement system

In orbit or during launch, outgassing may be harmful to onboard instruments or to other satellites sharing the launch. At CeNT the outgas property of material samples are tested to the ASTM E-595 standard.

Outgas measurement system
Out gas measurement system

Clean room

Flight model should be assembled, integrated and tested in a clean environment.

The center provides a clean room (80m2) of class 8 or better.

Further cleanness can be achieved by using a clean booth additionally.

Clean room
Clean room1Clean room2