Welcome to the web server of NETS (Nano-satellite Environment Test Standardization) project. NETS project started as an international collaborative effort to establish an international standard for testing of nano-satellites in 2011. This international effort has led to the publication of ISO-19683 “Space systems - Design qualification and acceptance tests of small spacecraft and units” in July, 2017. Recently the scope of activity has expanded from testing to broader aspects to seek a new way of making and using satellites with low cost and fast manner, i.e. "Lean Satellite". A “lean satellite” is a satellite that utilizes non-traditional, risk-taking development and management approaches ? with the aim to provide value of some kind to the customer at low-cost and without taking much time to realize the satellite mission. The term “lean satellite” was born during the NETS project to capture the essence of development and management philosophy rather than categorizing based on mass or size. Lean satellites provide new research opportunities. The proliferation of lean satellites is changing the landscape of the space sector. Nowadays, universities, small businesses, and developing countries are emerging as new stakeholders. To deliver value to those stakeholders as well as to traditional stakeholders with affordable cost and permissible waiting time, there are various issues to be examined further, such as standards, testing, operation, manufacturing, interface, project management, etc. The project goal is to further the growth of worldwide lean satellite activities and utilization by tackling those issues.

The information regarding NETS project is shared by the mailing list. If you want to join the mailing list, please send an e-mail to nets_office(at)space-kyutech.net indicating your name, position and affiliation. (Please change (at) to @ when you send an e-mail. )